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Think you can outrun a Titan? Japan's latest live action, anime-inspired escape game, Escape from the Walled City, will make you second-guess yourself. Escape games challenge groups of people - ranging from duos to stadium-sized crowds - to solve puzzles and uncover clues in order to free themselves from a situation where they are trapped. Contestants usually have an hour to complete the game, and while the games are no strangers to the Los Angeles scene, this one might be just a tad different.

In this [Attack on Titan](movie:1001874)-inspired escape game, attendees take on the roles of Survey Corp recruits on their graduation day. If you love plot-based escape games, check this out:

The Titans are spotted to be on their way to [the] shore!! They have managed to break through our high walls of defense, and we need to escape from these human devouring titans!! You are now officially part of the Survey Corp! The fate of mankind lies in your hands! ONE HOUR LEFT TO ESCAPE FROM THIS DESPAIR!

For $30, fans of Attack on Titan (and all those they drag along, as survivors don't need to know the story's canon in order to solve puzzles) can immerse themselves within the world of Attack on Titan and prove their own cunning in their escape.

The game comes to California for the first time on February February 1st, at AT&T Park in San Francisco, with three games in one day. You can grab tickets for that event here.

If you're a little bit south, worry not! Escape the Walled City takes place on March 21st in Los Angeles, with three more games. In April, New Yorkers will get to try their hand at the game as well.

But watch out: According to AnimeNewsNetwork, the first game was so grueling that less than 10 percent of the players escaped. Woah! That's a pretty big dinner for the titans, if you ask me.

The game was a smash in Japan, and overseas demand was apparently so great that the game is going on a world tour, announcing dates in Singapore and California, with an upcoming New York City game as well.

Japan's anime-themed escape games have gained rapid popularity, ranging from action series such as One Piece to more serious dramas, like Death Note.

Most of these events are put on by a company named SCRAP, and this isn't the first time these games have come stateside: back in 2012, San Francisco found itself host to the Second Impact thanks to the extremely popular Evangelion escape game crossing the ocean to the delight of fans everywhere.


Do you think you'd escape before the Titans devoured you?


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