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If you haven't heard by now apparently Spider Man is coming home to the MCU although not in time for Civil War as many would like. Our spidey hero will in fact be coming to the big screen alongside the Avengers in Infinity War the biggest movie yet. This was first reported by Latino Review and i myself am more than ecstatic over this news i mean its freaking Spider Man! There was also many more talks about the fates of certain heroes but i wont be getting too much into that right now ill just leave it for another article. I want to discuss the possible ways i believe they can introduce Spider Man into the MCU since there wont be a spidey film prior to the MCU. The one hero that can make anything possible is our Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange who is in fact getting his own film next year.

My first theory would actually be the way to have Andrew Garfield still be Spider Man so there wont be a need for a recast. If you're familiar with the Spider Man Animated series you know that Doctor Strange and Spider Man are no strangers to each other. This could make it possible to still have Andrew Garfield in the MCU and not have to go as far as recast him. We all know Doctor Strange is capable of going through different dimension and what not so it wouldn't be crazy to assume he could bring Peter Parker to the Avengers dimension. I mean anything really is possible with [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) who is capable of bending time and space. Its a long shot but i could be a possible scenario or it could just be the other way around as well. It could be Strange and Parker being in the same dimension and he could see the imminent threat of Thanos for The Avengers dimension. This would be more than enough for him to travel to that dimension and possibly bring spidey. The theory is pretty crazy but it could work and then there's my more grounded theory with another hero.

If the article is right and they do in fact recast Peter Parker then i see no other better way to introduce Spider Man than in the new [Daredevil](movie:47230) show. I mean Hell's Kitchen is right by Manhattan so having Spidey pop up later on in the show be amazing. The show could also expand on Spider Man more with out having to be in a movie. I mean do we even need a retelling of Spider Man's origin anymore? This is the most plausible way in my opinion to introduce Spider Man and it be really cool seeing DareDevil and Spider Man working together!

What do you think though about Spider Man joining the MCU for Infinity War?

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Do You Think Spider Man Coming To The MCU Is Still Important?

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