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As all marvel fans know, the Marvel Universe is vast, interconnecting and adaptive. With the emergence of comic book movies, they've done their best to capture what us comic book geeks know and love, but is it possible to represent it entirely?

Granted, most the movies are about 2 hours long, and end with a end of the credits treat to keep us waiting for the next one, but in the comics, everything connects.

X-Men, Spider-man, Avengers, Fantastic Four; they all interact, team up, fight, consult each other.

Spider-Man: Wall-Crawler/Avenger

Wall Crawlin' with the Avengers.
Wall Crawlin' with the Avengers.

Some know Spider-man has a spot on the Avengers roster, he has for a while. With the legal issues Fox, Sony, and Marvel have, it makes it nearly impossible to keep things glued together. Many people say it takes away from the experience that Marvel has built on paper.

Mutants! or...uh...Miracles....
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Mutants.
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Mutants.

As we all know The Avengers: Age of Ultron looks awesome, and is hitting us May 2015. I'm just as stoked to see it as the rest of you are, but one thing bugs me.

We have mutants, who are no longer mutants, lost their beloved storyline, and have rival representations. It is a mess. Magneto cannot be mentioned, mutant can't be uttered what so ever, so what is it they are going to say?

"by the way, we got our powers somehow....uh...dont ask about our origins, its complicated!"

I get it, we should just be happy we get the movies at all but many of us expect our beloved characters to be represented as they were intended.

All that being said, we all know new movies are coming. Are they going to just keep things separate? Are they going to attempt a merge? if so, Spider-man better get his resume cleaned up.

Let me know what you guys think below!


Which do you think was the worst separation of the Universe?


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