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Kit Harington has risen in popularity recently. This is due in part to the epic HBO series Game of Thrones, but he's got many other great acting credits to his name; including the lead role in Pompeii, Eret in How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Billy Bradley in the upcoming fantasy Seventh Son. But no part has brought him as much fame as the dark and brooding hero Jon Snow in GoT. Well now, it looks like Kit is looking to add another dark and brooding hero to his portfolio—and this one's a Knight! Well, in a manner of speaking...

The Dark Knight!
The Dark Knight!

In a recent interview with MTV, Kit expressed his wishes to play the Caped Crusader!

Personally, I'm all for Kit as Batman! He's already shown to fare well with dark and stoic characters with troubled pasts and dead parents who wear all-black and have a side-kick with a innocent attitude and...

Kit has basically been playing medieval Batman this whole time. Maybe when Batfleck is done with his run, they can give ol' Jon Snow a chance! What's interesting is that Kit doesn't want to play the typical Dark Knight. Instead, he wants to play a more relaxed, almost silly version, saying, "Superhero movies got all too serious — they need to get silly again.”

Kit even says he wants "proper spandex." He basically wants to revive the classic Adam West version of the character!

Kit isn't the only one who thinks the superhero genre has gotten to dark. Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class shared his views on Christoper Nolan's particular brooding formula and just the dark and serious tone of movies altogether. And the co-directors of the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, recently revealed that the film would touch on the age old question—"Can Batman be happy?"

Though I'm a fan of the Dark Knight trilogy, I do agree that superhero films, especially ones done by DC, are becoming a bit too serious and stale. Just look at Guardian's of the Galaxy to find a hugely successful superhero movie that's incredibly silly.

He's challenging a murderous a dance off
He's challenging a murderous a dance off


What do you think of Kit as Batman?

Source: MTV


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