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Now we have seen many fancasts of Steven R Mcqueen as Nightwing for the Teen Titans live action show on TNT that will be called Titans. Rumors and speculation have surrounded this possibly casting of Nightwing and now once again it has been revved up once again.

McQueen, who has played Jeremy Gilbert on the CW series since its 2009 debut, is set to leave the show after the current season's 14th episode. There's a very specific plan for and logic behind his exit, according to "Vampire Diaries" executive producer Julie Plec.

"His final episode will be episode 614, and the episode leading up [to it] will be him grappling with whether or not it's time for him to say goodbye to Mystic Falls," Plec told The Hollywood Reporter. "Every year we look at which characters we feel like are ready to move on, whether to better things in life or to the Great Beyond. This year, we realised that Jeremy has truly grown into a man, and as the victim of so much pain at the hands of the supernatural universe, we felt like it was time for him to go out on his own and start a fresh new life - with a twist."

"He'll always be welcome to join us for important events - unless [McQueen] finally gets his wish to play a superhero and he's unavailable," Plec said.

Seriously its not like he hasn't wanted 2 Nightwing
Seriously its not like he hasn't wanted 2 Nightwing

Steven R Mcqueen has been lobbying for this role for a good year and sum change to the arrow writers. So now maybe he is getting his wish. As it states above his last episode is set to end early this year, what other show do we know that involves superheroes that will be filming early this year??? Coincidence??? As they say in dealing with murder there are no coincidences. Well i believe this no coincidence.


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