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I have sat down and watched Frozen countless times ... I mean, I love the movie and apparently so does every one else, due to constant reminders that they have seen it: birthday parties, costumes, makeup designs, etc....

BUT have any of you guys looked at some of the fan art related to Frozen?

I came across some awesome drawings by 19-year-old Japanese artist, Yoko. These drawings are done in Tim Burton's style and I LOVE them!

-- because I adore everything Tim Burton has done, of course and would love to have the chance to meet him in person, aw - bloggers dream --

Moving on:

Do YOU want to build a snowman? I've already done 4 this year!

Little sad face :(

Hard being a young lady ...

Wipe away those sand critters...

Is love really an opened door?

SEE! The reflection! dooooooooomed!


If only.

Sometimes the cold does bother me ... just saying

Love those finger tips and the snowflake.

Invisible love experts

Up to no good.

Meet the family

Loving Olaf's stitches.

All in all, do you guys like this? I mean, if Tim was like, "Hey YOKO, let's put this on the screen, work with me!" would you guys watch it? I know I would!

Make sure to check out Yoko's other awesome works at her Tumblr here.


Would you watch a Tim Burton style Frozen?


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