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Matthew Anthony

With the success of the recently made 2014 Godzilla reboot and the 2005 King Kong directed by Peter Jackson, I really see some hope for a mash-up movie between these two Hollywood heavyweights! With Skull Island coming out in 2017, and a new Godzilla in the works to be coming out in 2018, where Rodan and Mothra have been speculated to be involved. This would be an amazing way to bring both of these two back into a movie together, which last happened in 1962!

What do you guys think?

While you make up your mind check out the fan made trailer I created last year and make your decision below:

This movie would be a blast, two of the most well-known monsters duking it out in modern day!


Should they bring these two Hollywood Heavyweights back to the screen in modern day!?


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