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I am not a professional so I am giving this review as a fan and someone who loves movies. The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies was as expected. Filled with amazing special effects and battles. The film is rated PG-13 because it doesn't seem to have a lot of blood and gore moments. I love the cast choice especially with The Bard the Bowman (THE BARDMAN!) and Thorian.

The most epic parts of the movies include the death of Smug (RIP greedy reptile), when the dwarfs, Elfs and orcs fought although I think that was a bit rushed. I don't know my opinion I guess.Of course when Legolas killed that huge orc that killed Kili and not last but least when Thorian killed Azog. I have never been so relieved to see a character die in a movie.

Also,like the Lord of the Rings , the last movie was sadly really short compared to the two previous but I guess its understandable.

Nevertheless it got the job done by finally giving us the end some were waiting for, except for me. I didn't like the ending because of one thing: Kili. I have been "shipping" Kili and Tauriel since The Hobbit 2 and to find out that they won't be living happily ever after or have little "Dwaelfie" babies seriously was a blow to my imagination. I don't mind Thorin dying I was never a fan of him but Kili. Oh my heart broke, I was actually tempted to shed some tears .Its like killing off Felicity Smoak off Arrow and expecting everything to be cool.

Kili  :( nuff said
Kili :( nuff said

Anyway, that was my only disappointment with the movie. The confusing part was with the White Wizards and The Eye. I really didn't get that until I came home and Googled it and asked a bunch of people off Facebook.

However I would definitely recommend people to watch The Hobbit The battle of the five armies. Although its short and a bit rushed in some parts, it is filled with great action, dialogue, special effects and cool stunts. I am giving it a 9 because I was not happy that they killed Kili. RIP my favourite Dwarf. Other than that Great Movie.


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