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Thomas A. Rice

Imagine if you will an alternate reality in which Edgar Wright was directing the upcoming Fantastic Four film? Imagine if the cast from The World's End were cast as the Members of that famous comic book Team...

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Fantastic Four (Cornetto Style!)

1. Paddy Considine: Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic

The Elastic Mr Fantastic. Paddy could do justice to the genius Reed Richards. At age 41, he's the right age for a brilliant Scientist.

2. Rosamund Pike: Susan Storm-Richards/Invisible Woman.

The always lovely Miss Pike would be great as the Invisible Woman. At age 35 she's the right age for Mrs Susan Richards.

3. Simon Pegg: Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

Simon would be perfect to play Johnny Storm. He's got the Ego and Attitude to pull it off!

4. Nick Frost: Ben Grimm/The Thing.

It's Clobberin' Time! If anyone could play the ever lovin' Blue-eyed Thing it's Nick Frost. (OK maybe he would need blue contact lenses.)

So there you have it! The Fantastic Four (Cornetto Style!)


Would you prefer a Cornetto Style Fantastic Four or the upcoming Josh Trank Movie?


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