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From acting on stage to an awesome superhero running as fast as lightning on TV series, here comes Grant Gustin who could immediately make your heart jumped out of your chest in a flash that you could not almost find it back again. His career has been on the right track which eventually led him as one of the most promising actors of 2014.

Now that he turns 25 years old this year, it's considerably one of his biggest turning points to a new journey of his life. Pretty sure that there are million reasons why girls could get head-over-heels with this young man and if you're one of them who has been eagerly wishing on heaven to send him right next to you, that I think probably it's not going to work out for you. Might as well consider that, he is Grant Gustin. Yeah, Grant Gustin. (Of course, I have been there. Done that. And... done.)

For the record, [The Flash](series:1068303) series has become his biggest blessing to take and will surely jumpstart his 2015 tremendously. From his humble beginnings, no wonder how Grant has become so famous and loved by his fans. He has been a good inspiration for young aspirants who has also been dreaming to become one like him. So, cheers to this list for there are 18 reasons why we are so swayed by Grant's adorable moves:

1. He sings like a Prince from a Disney movie.

Sebastian Smythe singing from Glee series
Sebastian Smythe singing from Glee series

Well, of course, who would never forget the wickedly sweet Sebastian Smythe from Glee? We know, he was one of the villains slaying everything that makes our glee friends miserable. But, come on! Having this kind of villain? With such an incredible voice? Undoubtedly to say that he can have it all. Grant sings like a Prince from a magical Disney movie. Thus, his voice can make your heart melt, expressions spread all over the places like you've never been tired of hearing him sing.

2. Grant's Dance Moves

Credits to: Team Grant Gustin Tumblr account
Credits to: Team Grant Gustin Tumblr account

Stunningly beautiful dance moves from this slick dancer huh... Tap dancing is also one of his amazing talents. Hear it from his co-star like Candice Patton from The Flash series.

3. The Killer Smile

The smile that could win everyone's heart.

4. He's a selfie video-maker.

He doesn't get too shy of expressing himself on videos. He never missed every chances that he could take just to thank his lovely fans. He's a thoughtful human being.

5. He looks at you like you're the most beautiful woman alive.

Pilot episode of The Flash.
Pilot episode of The Flash.

5. Grant's adorable shy-type look.

6. He's incredibly in love with his dogs.

7. He can dress up like a cute little girl.

8. The Mug life chose him.

He's got a collection of his mugs. Whoa, I envy him.

9. He's a full-blown Superman fan.

If he can't be Superman, he can be the The Flash. And something tells me, it's gonna catch on.

10. You kind of wish Grant could actually confess his love for you.

Credits to: flashsource Tumblr account
Credits to: flashsource Tumblr account

Better go to sleep, you'll never have him confess his love for you. So, better stop your delusional mind. Okay?

11. He's suitable to be a sweet dorky Barry Allen

12. He loves his works

13. When he says his lines, it feels like he really means it.

14. The... Uhm.. Uhhh...

For just one minute, can I just forget Channing Tatum's body exposure?

15. His casual wear rocks!

16. A Young Boy whom you just can't seemingly stop staring at

17. Ridiculously an adventurous guy exposing his muscles as his asset

He's just too funny at that part. But looks hilariously hot. Ehem!

18. And last but not the least, he is Grant Gustin.

Just simply Thomas Grant Gustin who can make your world go crazy. Happy January 14th to this guy!

The Flash series is back on January 20th on The CW. Go buckle up!


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