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With the success of franchises like TMNT and the new ninja turtles film that came out in 2014 one has to ask when biker mice from mars might start getting the same treatment? biker mice from mars has more than enough potential to become a big household name like TMNT if it was done in the live action/ CGI format. the Property has yet to be picked up by any film studio but that could change with the emergence of superhero films and the Sci-fi action genre.

here is the basic plot summary for the show that came out in 1993:

"On the planet Mars, there existed a race of anthropomorphic mice who enjoyed motorsports and had a very similar culture and society to that of human beings. At some point in time they were all but wiped out by the Plutarkians, an alien race of obese, foul-smelling, fish-like humanoids who plunder other planets' natural resources because they have wasted all of their own. Three survivors, Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, manage to find a spaceship and escape the Plutarkian takeover but they are soon shot down by a Plutarkian warship and end up crash-landing on Earth in the city of Chicago. There they meet a charming female mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson and discover that the Plutarkians have come to Earth to steal its natural resources. The Biker Mice investigate the crumbling ghetto of the windy city and soon discover that Chicago's leading industrialist, Lawrence Limburger, is actually a Plutarkian who disguises himself as a human, plotting to ransack Earth's resources to send to his own dying planet. Limburger enlists two henchmen, mad scientist Dr. Karbunkle and the idiotic Greasepit to help him steal Earth's natural resources and send them to Plutark. But the Biker mice from Mars themselves as heroic vigilantes come to save the day and stop Limburger from destroying Chicago, doing it to bring Plutark to justice as payback for the loss and powerful destruction of their home in process. And to defend the Earth from the similar fate. Thus, the Biker Mice become Limburger's chief foils, destroying his business tower at the end of nearly every episode. The core the show's themes is heavily and coincidentally similar to Avenger Penguins, although with the two shows being aired at exactly the same time, and from two different parts of the world that had no connections whatsoever with each other"

If the plot sounds promising just imagine how it could be taken a step further if it was re-introduced to film audiences in a live action movie, TMNT is getting a sequel in 2016 which solidifies the fact that the film was a hit despite it's flaws and criticism and since there are similarities between TMNT and biker mice there could be audience for the film comprising of fans who are new the characters and those who know them all too well.Biker mice was a fan favorite back then and making a film out of it could be the next step in the sci-fi genre along with Thundercats if it ever gets adapted.


should biker mice from mars make the leap to the big screen?


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