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There is a "leaked" video going around claiming to come from an ex-Sony employee. The leaked teaser video is filmed on a cell phone and is very crude quality and most likely a fake.........or could it be?!!!

I'm not going to post the video because I'm not the type of comic book writer who goes around spreading false or fake rumors. There is one thing in the video that did catch my eye tho!!

Is Marvel studios getting Spoder-Man back?
Is Marvel studios getting Spoder-Man back?

If you look at the picture I posted of the logo in question, you will notice a certain "webbing" wrapped around the logo for Avengers 3: Infinity War!! Now while the video is jumpy and only shows what seems like stock footage of rolling credits of Avengers iconic symbols with the names of Marvel Studio actors and finally ends with this Avengers logo with the "webs"!! What if this actually is a stolen piece of video? What if? This might be the teaser image Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures plans to announce to the entire world the very exciting news that is about to come. That Spider-Man movie rights is headed back to Marvel!! Now how awesome would that news be for ALL Marvel comic fans!!!

What if? Indeed!!!

Avengers announce Spider-Man!! Welcome home Spidey!
Avengers announce Spider-Man!! Welcome home Spidey!


Do you think this "leaked" Avengers 3 "web" logo is real or not?


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