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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The kids in Project Almanac have some pretty awesome ideas about what they'd do with the power of time travel - but there's some stuff that's just so awesome nobody could resist...

Check out 14 things we'd all do if time travel was invented...

1.) Go to Woodstock, man!

Experience the Summer of Love first hand...

2.) Make Your Fortune in First Edition Comics

Sure, anyone can win the lottery - but wouldn't it be cooler to rake in the cash by selling mint condition copies of 1939's Detective Comics #27 for $25,000 apiece?

3.) Check out some Prehistoric Babes

Why not go back to a period in history where hotties walked around...basically naked, showing off their toned, paleo-fed bodies?

4.) Get a burger in the first ever McDonald's

Mmm, tastes like history!

5.) Find out what happened to JFK

I mean, come on! You'd have to solve at least one giant historical mystery!

6.) Sleep in, on repeat

Time to get up for school? Nope. Rewind 8 hours, sleep some more, repeat.

7.) Buy REAL Coca-Cola

When it tasted real! They still have real Coke in Mexico... so why not us?

8.) Get Napoleon to help with your history homework

Get Shakespeare to help with your English assignment, Einstein to OWN your math project... anything's possible!

9.) Go see the Ramones, live!

CBGB back in the day, bro, that would have been UNREAL.

10.) Go back to the time of Unicorns

They were real right? RIGHT?!

11.) Buy a first edition Harry Potter book

Also, get it signed before J.K. Rowling got famous. RICH 4 LYF.

12.) Sort out that locker room bully

Go back in time before he grew into the hulking beast he is now, give him a wedgie he'll never forget.

13.) Watch the Premiere of The Exorcist

LOL look at how scared everyone is!

14.) Go watch yourself as a kid

... then get freaked out and return to the present, stat!

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What would you most like to travel back in time for?


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