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Warning: Possible comic and Season 5 spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed today that Ross Marquand will be joining the cast of [The Walking Dead](series:201193)[The Walking Dead](series:201193)at some stage in the second half of Season 5!

At the beginning of December, Andrew Lincoln had warned that Season 5b was going to "introduce a lot of new characters," and now AMC has come good on that promise.

Ross Marquand
Ross Marquand

Though they may have made this amazing announcement, AMC has neglected to reveal any other details about who Ross Marquand might be playing. However the hot money is that Marquand's character will probably be a character very familiar to comic readers. These are our three hot picks:


Way back in November, Scott Gimple announced during an episode of The Talking Dead that "a very prominent gay character from the comics" would soon be introduced to the show. Could that character be Aaron?

Looking at the facts, Aaron looks like a strong contender to be introduced in Season 5. In the comic series we are introduced to Aaron in issue 67 when he comes across Rick and the gang and convinces them to come to the Alexandria Safe-Zone (ASZ), a walled community. At the moment we know that the group will be homeless and nomadic for at least the few episodes of Season 5b, and it's possible they will go looking for the walled community that Noah and his family were living in. Either that walled community could be ASZ, or maybe they will come across ASZ on their way.


Jesus is another prominent gay character from the comic series, though he is introduced in issue 91, much later than Aaron. Jesus is another apocalypse survivor who lived in in both the walled community of Hilltop Colony and the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Jesus is an important character in the comic series, and his introduction would be interesting to see in the TV series as he was first mistrusted by Rick and the group, but then went on to become Rick's right hand man.


Perhaps Ross Marquand won't be playing a gay character at all (after all we got precisely zero details on which character he will be playing), so what about the infamous big bad of the series, Negan?

Yes, Negan doesn't appear until issue 100 in the comic series, but the TV show does have a tendency to pick and choose when it will and won't include things from the comic series, and loves to keep fans guessing. We know that we're getting closer and closer to a Negan introduction, and it seems like Season 5 has so far seen a real lack of any really villainous characters - Gareth was dealt with pretty quickly, and Officer Dawn and her lackeys didn't actually end up being nearly as bad as they could have (R.I.P. Beth). If there's one thing that's certain, introducing Negan and Lucille will really shake the show to its core.

The Walking Dead Season 5 returns to screens on February 8th, but check out the latest trailer in mean time:


Which character do you think Ross Marquand will play?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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