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It's the news everyone has been waiting for - the official announcement that Sony and Marvel have finalized a deal over bringing Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And, sadly, its news we don't yet have.

So, all those rumors swirling around the internet about the prospect of Spidey joining up with The Avengers? Sadly, it's still very much unconfirmed, unofficial, and pretty darned up in the air.

Or, is it?

After all, the last few days have brought three key rumors to the table - and depending on which of them you believe, Spidey is either very much on his way, or a long-way off.

The question is, then - who's telling the truth? Let's take a closer look...

First up:

Latino-Review Spoil the Entire Marvel Universe

And, by spoil, I do very much mean throw so many SPOILERS out into the world that you will, if you click on any of the links below, potentially know the entire plot of Phase 3. So, proceed with caution.

Moviepilot's own Alisha Grauso has broken down the rumors in detail right here - but the general gist of Latino-Review's reveal is this: Spider-Man is definitely on his way to the MCU, and pretty much everything we know about that same cinematic universe is about to change.

According to their sources, Sony and Marvel have indeed made a deal - and though it's come too late to get Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War, he will be making an appearance not too long after that.

The only problem?

Sony Has Totally Refuted the Rumors

Specifically, a representative of Sony Pictures has apparently - when reached out to by ComicBookResources - pretty comprehensively denied Latino-Review's story, labelling it an "old rumor," with "no validity whatsoever."

Which, whether or not Sony and Marvel are indeed in negotiations over the use of Spider-Man in the MCU, certainly makes it seem as though those talks aren't concluded.

So, does that mean we aren't going to see Spidey join the Avengers any time soon, then?

Well, not necessarily. The reason?

A Very Particular Video Just Leaked

Specifically, this one...

Which, when anonymously uploaded to, was accompanied by this:

"I'm a Sony employee that was laid off during the infamous Sony Hack that took place several months ago. Before I was let go I found an extremely early rough cut video sent to us by Marvel Studios for a joint Avengers/Spider-Man announcement."

And, if it's legitimate, seems to suggest that a deal has, in fact, been done. Or, at the very least, is on the table.

The problem there? It's not actually all that difficult to create your own fake Avengers: Infinity War trailer featuring spiderwebs over the final title - which means the trailer might well mean we're set to see Spidey join the MCU, or it might just as easily not.

The central problem here?

Everything We've Heard So Far Is a Rumor

Yup. Sadly, everything we've heard about Spidey joining the Avengers - at least since those Sony leaks a while back - is simply rumor and speculation, based largely on anonymous sources.

We're yet to find the smoking gun of comprehensive proof - or, crucially, to receive official word from either Sony or Marvel that a deal has been done.

So, Does That Mean Spider-Man Won't Be Coming to the MCU?

Thankfully, it doesn't - it just means that we don't know for sure. After all, we know that Sony and Marvel were negotiating - and there's every reason to believe that both parties see the potential benefits to teaming up.

But, until we get some kind of concrete evidence beyond a video that may or may not be real - which, even if it's legitimate, could well just be part of early negotiations - it's safest to assume that nothing is set in stone.

Unless Marvel suddenly announce a mysterious press conference, in which case we should all definitely start getting over-excited...

What do you guys think, though?


Will Spider-Man be heading to the MCU soon?


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