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The Lion King is one of those films that appeals to people of all ages, whether they're kids or just kids at heart. However as awesome as it is, because The Lion King is a film about actual wild animals if you really analyze the film (and ignore all the Disney magic at work) it does end up looking like an extremely implausible tale.

Comic artist Andy Kluthe has taken some time to think about the beloved Disney classic and re-imagined the film in a hilarious and honest way. Remember that this is all purely tongue-in-cheek, and meant as a joke, but take a look at his seven panel comic below:

1. Bowing down to them does seem like they've made things a little easy for the lions

Thank god all the lions were too involved watching Simba's birth announcement to realize that a whole smorgasbord of food was presenting itself on bended knee.

2. Simba asking the real questions

(For real though, Disney's actually covered this)

3. Mmm, just what a growing lion loves to eat...bugs!

An adult lion needs about 15lb of meat every day to survive and I'm imagining that you'd need to eat a heck of a lot more bugs to get the same nutrients needed...Poor Simba!

4. Simba suffers after 10 years on the bug diet

To be honest, I'm surprised he made it even a month into that bizarre 'lifestyle change.'

5. Hallucination Mufasa offers up some real talk

After suffering long and hard on the bug diet, finally seeing the image of his dead father in the sky shocked him back to reality and he returned home.

6. That fire was very well timed and dramatic

Very conveniently placed for the climactic showdown, however.

7. Oh god, the horror!

Don't go bringing your dirty science into this beautiful moment of Simba reclaiming Pride Rock!


Which do you prefer: the real Lion King or Disney's Lion King?

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