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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Reincarnation, past lives, unexplained memories... we're told to believe that these things only exist in the most fantastical and creepy of movies... but what if they're as real as you and me?

Check out 3 stories - with compelling video evidence - of children who have experienced what can only be described as memories of past lives, lived long before their time...

The Pilot

James Huston, pilot, and James Leininger as a boy
James Huston, pilot, and James Leininger as a boy

Name: James Leininger

Past Life: James M. Huston Jr, a pilot

His Story: Since he was born, James Leininger was besotted with airplanes - until he was plagued with nightmares about being shot at in the air, and a deadly crash... James eventually told his stunned parents that his name was James M. Huston Jr, that he'd served on the Navy ship Natoma as well as naming his co-pilot Jack Larson and his death site at Iwo Jima. Leininger's parents managed to verify all of these facts as true - and how could a little boy have known?

Check out the video evidence...

The Boy Soldier

Name: Edward Austrian

Past Life: James, an 18-year-old WW1 soldier

His Story: Edward had a childhood riddled with throat sickness, referring to the pain in his throat as his 'shot'. When he was taken to a doctor, aged 4, the 'shot' was identified as a cyst, which mysteriously disappeared after he described to his mother in great detail his past life experience as James, a First World War soldier shot through the neck:

We were walking along through the mud. It was damp, it was raining, it was cold. My rifle is heavy … I heard a shot come from behind … and I felt my throat fill with blood.

Check out the video evidence...

Gus, the 18-month-old Grandfather

Name: Gus Taylor

Past Life: Grandpa Augie, Gus's own grandfather

His Story: At only 18 months old, Gus started insisting he had memories belonging to his own grandfather; strikingly, during a diaper change he told his father that he remembered changing his father's diapers! A few years later, aged 4, Gus pointed out his grandfather in photos he'd never seen before, and spotted 'his' car in the background. Most disturbingly of all - and what royally freaked out his parents - he told them that, during his life as Grandpa Augie, his sister had been murdered and dumped in the San Francisco Bay, a story that was 100% true.

Check out the video evidence...


Do you believe in the phenomena of past lives?

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