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Good news, everyone! The Power Rangers will reunite - for a short time only. The exciting announcement came via Convention Scene, who promised that Red, Blue, Black and Yellow Ranger will join forces to rock Philadelphia Comic-Con!

Blue, Yellow, Black and Red Ranger are BACK!
Blue, Yellow, Black and Red Ranger are BACK!

Any fans in the area that get the chance to go to this awesome event, please report back to your ol' buddies at Moviepilot to let us know all about it!

The rangers - original Blue, Black and Red Ranger and 2nd generation Yellow Ranger (Karan Ashley, who replaced the sadly deceased original Yellow Ranger, Thuy Trang) - will be joined by Zordon, Goldar and even Rita Repulsa at this intensely nostalgic reunion...

Here's a quick reminder of how much time flies (even for Power Rangers!)

Austin St. John

Role: Jason Lee Scott / Red Ranger

Walter Jones

Role: Zack Taylor / Black Ranger

David Yost

Role: Billy Cranston / Blue Ranger

Karan Ashley

Role: Aisha Campbell / 2nd Yellow Ranger

David J. Fielding

Role: Zordon

Barbara Goodson

Role: Rita Repulsa

Kerrigan Mahan

Role: Goldar

How much do you wanna see these Power Rangers heroes (and villains) in person?


Would you like to see a Power Rangers reunion?

Source: Convention Scene, io9


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