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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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First we're told that the new Scream TV show won't feature the iconic ghostface mask and now the Poltergeist remake is gonna be a KIDS' MOVIE? No wonder horror fans are getting twitchy...

Poltergeist remake star Sam Rockwell revealed in an interview with Collider:

it’s more of a kids’ movie so I don’t know if it’s gonna be like rated-R scary. It’s not like Conjuring type of scary.

Dude, I didn't even find The Conjuring scary. I mean, it was a fun movie, but it wasn't scary-scary. Rockwell even continued, saying that the new Poltergeist movie will be more of an 'adventure' story than a horror...

The Conjuring: scarier than the new Poltergeist
The Conjuring: scarier than the new Poltergeist

So, what does this mean for the 2015 Poltergeist remake? For a start, we can say goodbye to the 3 scariest moments of Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg's '80s-tastic original...

The Clown Doll

Countless '80s kids were utterly horrified by the antics of the evil clown doll - possibly the second scariest clown ever (after Pennywise, of course!)

The Real Skeletons

The pool full of skeletons? Yup, they were actual human bones, which were cheaper to obtain for filming than models. You ain't getting genuine human remains in no kids' movie...

The Face Peeling

To obtain a PG-13, I guess this scene will have to be replaced with a horrifying, terrifying peeling.... of a carrot. Or something.

In fact, just watch the whole gross scene!

Personally, I'm not sure about a kid-friendly Poltergeist remake. But then, I am first and foremost a horror fan. It could be a great 'kids' movie' and impress in its own right. What do you guys think?


Do you think that a kid-friendly Poltergeist remake will be a good movie?

Source: Collider, Comic Book, Tumblr


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