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Since being released in 2013, [Frozen](movie:411685) has broken records all around the world, and it doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon! Naturally with such a successful film, many people are keen to grab some of the Frozen money while they can, and developer Oleg Vinogorodov is one of them. Vinogorodov has created the free app Anna Giving Birth (available on iTunes), which allows users to deliver a pregnant Princess Anna's baby. Yep, Princess Anna, little sister of Elsa was married to Kristoff, and is now ready to give birth via cesarian-section, which you, lucky app user, get to perform.

Some brave souls over at Buzzfeed gave the app a try to see what exactly the app was all about, and frankly, what they found was quite disturbing. See for yourself:

Firstly, we get a glimpse into Anna and Kristoff's life after the events of Frozen

Aw, a wedding, some suggestive silhouette's and a very pregnant Anna. Quite the photo album!

A very pregnant Anna is presented

App users then need to use a 'fetus ECG monitor' which they drag around Anna's stomach area until the heart indicator is filled completely. I'm unsure if this is standard practice at all hospitals, but I'm going to guess it's not.

DIY epidural!

Now, I've never given birth, but from what I've heard, for women who have them, the epidural is often the most painful part of giving birth due to the fact that it's an enormous needle which usually goes in your back. Anna however doesn't seem all that bothered, perhaps she has a high tolerance for pain.

Anna is out for the count, let the games begin!

After Anna is knocked out with the epidural, the real fun can start. But first you'll need one of these magical glowing orbs from the side bar.

Anna is Frozen

The magical orb apparently freezes her entire stomach area, numbing it to the horror which lies ahead. However, from her serene expression, it looks, just like Elsa, the cold never bothered her anyway.

Do you wanna use a scalpel?

After being drugged and numbed it's time to slice Anna open and see what we have, so grab your hand scalpel and get surgery-ing!

The mystical magical orb decides if Anna is having a snowman or a snowwoman

Maybe the orb is deciding the sex? Maybe the orb is deciding if the baby will live or not? Maybe the orb is just adding a little more magic into this already clearly magical game. We'll never know.

A baby is born!

Cut the umbilical cord with that scalpel you're still holding and wipe your sweaty brow, you just delivered a healthy baby!

Heal yourself child!

While the baby is being tended to, use some voodoo magic to restore Anna back to her pre-pregnancy body!

Weigh the baby

3.8kg is around 7.9lb, that's a very healthy baby!

A baby of ambiguous sex!

Is it a boy, is it a girl? No! It's a flower! Congratulations!

The happy new family

After Princess Anna awakes from the procedure and she has been dressed in her finest clothing, Anna, Kristoff and the baby get to spend some quality time together as a family. Aw.


Would you want to deliver Anna's baby?

Source: Buzzfeed, iTunes


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