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Note, potential SPOILERS for Arrow below...

...especially if you aren't caught up with season 3

So, full disclosure: I'm not completely over THAT Arrow midseason finale yet.

I mean, that's not all that surprising, seeing as they (SPOILERS) totally killed off the main goddamn character, but still. It still...hurts.

Now, though, there is at least something to soothe our bruised and battered hearts - the mid-season trailer for Arrow's return.

And guess what - it's a doozy.

I mean, not only are we talking a return for a whole lot of our favorite characters - but we might just have spotted a tease for THAT potential spin-off...

Yup, that's right - could we be set to finally see Ray Palmer become The Atom - just in time for, say, a 2015/2016 season spin-off?

From the looks of the gadget he's playing with, it sure seems like it - and there have been a whole lot of rumors flying lately...

Even so - and awesome as a third CW superhero show would be - could we maybe just get Oliver back now?

What do you guys think, though?


Are we going to see an Atom spin-off?

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