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Rockstar Games' infamous Grand Theft Auto franchise is known for providing gamers with an open-ended virtual playground to have fun in and engage with, or, as is more often the case, to wreak unadulterated havoc in!

So it only makes sense that GTA V would be the perfect home for Stanley Kubrick's legendary dystopian adaptation, A clockwork Orange. The extremely talented folks over at GTA Series Videos have created an impressive homage to the movie, recreating some of its most famous scenes in-game.

After all, Rockstar is known for letting players indulge in a bit of the old ultra-violence. Check it out:

A True Horrorshow

Alex and his droogs set off for a night on the town, causing mayhem in Liberty City and indulging their sociopathic tendencies.

Getting Your Dose of (drug-filled) Calcium

The Korova Milk Bar has got a full-house tonight!

Waterfront Rampage

This just makes me want a full-on video game version of the movie. Make it happen Rockstar!

Be sure to watch the full video below:

Pretty impressive, don't you think my droogs?


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