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Calling all X-Philes, calling all X-Philes! Your cries to bring back the excellent sci-fi/fantasy series The X-Files have been heard! Well, by one of the stars of the show at least.

In a recent Nerdist podcast, Gillian Anderson, otherwise known as the X-Files' Dana Scully, revealed that she misses the show as much as its plethora of fans and would jump at the chance to reprise her iconic role.

In conversation with Nerdist's Nerd-In-Chief Chris Hardwick, she revealed that plans to reopen the oh-so-mysterious filing cabinet of X lay directly in the palms of the fans! If we were to somehow coerce FOX into reuniting Anderson's co-star David Duchovny, the show's creator Chris Carter and Anderson herself, she'd be all over it with bells on. Possibly sans bells, but she would be very excited.

Naturally this caused a furore of digital glee as X-Philes flocked to Twitter to show their support. Anderson, Hardwick and co-host Matt Mira locked brains and came up with the subtle which has currently been setting Twitter alight...

My heart goes out to the last tweet.

So what do you guys think? Are you ? I mean if Twin Peaks is returning...

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