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In the first Divergent movie we got to know three of the factions pretty intimately, but a new featurette for the eagerly anticipated Insurgent has teased a proper introduction to the clans who were virtually strangers.

So, prepare yourself to get friendly with Candor (the honest) and Amity (the peaceful) in March 2015 when the movie will hit theaters.

In a talking head interview, Shailene Woodley spills to eager fans that the new movie will begin with her struggling to fit into the hippie mindset of the Amity clan (think the Hufflepuff of Divergent!) She explained that:

The movie begins with Tris and Four in a faction called Amity. They value compassion and peace, and it’s not quite Tris’ mindset

Predictably, this differing mindset results in a spectacular beat down, but I don't want to give too much away...

Watch the awesome clip below to learn more about what to expect from [Insurgent](movie:949018):

Insurgent hits American cinemas March 18, 2015!


Which faction do you think you would belong in?

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