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Justin Bieber coincidentally bumped into rock legend Keith Richards chilling on the beach, but he had no idea who the Rolling Stones guitarist was. Because, youth.

Thankfully, the ignorance was mutual and Keith Richards didn't have a clue who the Canadian pop pustule was either, and really, why would he?

Rock legend Keith Richards
Rock legend Keith Richards

The thought of someone who somehow survived 71 whole years of the most rock and roll lifestyle known to man bopping around to the autotuned tones of 'boyfriend' is totally laughable, but not quite as hilarious as Keith Richards responding to Justin's presence with the words.

Who the fuck are you?

Bieber decided to show off his bad boy swagger by replying with a scathing:

I don’t know, who the f*ck are you?

For some reason, this bravado seemed to impress Richard's and he later invited Bieber over for a drink with him, finally revealing his identity to the 22-year-old pop star.

According to an eye witness Justin went into full on brown nose mode when he realized just how famous this shrivelled old dude was and immediately tried to "Bro down with him". Alas, Justin's puppyish over-enthusiasm did not impress Richards who told the star:

Let’s get one thing straight. You’re a wannabe

Their conversation may have gone uphill at some point though, yet another eye witness claimed that:

The two actually had a long talk, after which they swapped numbers so they could keep in touch

Maybe we should brace ourselves for the most unexpected musical collaboration of all time?


Should we be expecting a Biber/Richards colab any time soon?

(Source: Uproxx)


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