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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

New images from George Miller's upcoming diesel fueled epic Mad Max: Fury Road have emerged online, with a one armed Charlize Theron ready to exact swift justice in the desert! This film is shaping up to be absolutely mental!

The fourth in Miller's Mad Max franchise, a fifth installment is in the works, sees the titular hero (Tom Hardy) being swept up in a chase between between the Imperator Furiosa and her group of escapees, as they attempt to outwit and outrun the Immortan Joe.

The film looks to be bursting to the brim with action, immense set pieces and vehicular badassery. But I'm sure you've seen the trailer on countless occasions before. Let's check these new stills out...

Mad Max: Fury Road

I've got my tent packed and a few months worth of instant noodles, so I'm ready to start queuing for Mad Max: Fury Road tickets. This, hopefully, will be the comeback that Max himself deserves.

What do you lovely readers think?

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Mad Max: Fury Road: excited or...


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