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An unsuspecting, unhappy earthling with a humdrum job is plucked out of anonymity and revealed to be the central figure in a hidden, universe-spanning plot that they were previously unaware of. Sound familiar? Yeah, it was indeed the plot of The Matrix - but, as it happens, it is also the plot of the Wachowski's new film, [Jupiter Ascending](movie:267863), as well.

Jupiter Ascending marks the first original story for the Wachowskis since The Matrix trilogy and it seems they have trouble shaking a good idea. But rather than a office drone in the form of Keanu Reeves, "The One" will be switching genders and jobs to a janitor (!) in the form of Mila Kunis. Casting Kunis as a new chosen one makes perfect sense for the Wachowski's (she even resembles a young, female Reeves in a way) but I don't know if I can ever get used to the idea of imagining her as a janitor in this or any other reality.

Ladies and gentleman, your Queen of Earth.
Ladies and gentleman, your Queen of Earth.

Instead of leading a rebellion against some nasty, oppressive machines (and Mr. Smith), in Jupiter Ascending, Kunis is the unwitting queen of Earth - and possibly the universe - and requires some protection against those who want to take her out of the running for heir to the throne.

The Wachowski's have a lot riding on this movie. While [Cloud Atlas](movie:40812) has its admirers, and is generally considered a step up from Speed Racer, it didn't exactly set the box office afire. In fact, it barely made back it's 100 million dollar budget. And with Jupiter Ascending costing even more, and getting it's release date constantly pushed back due to its extensive special effects requirements, there are many speculative eyes in the industry looking to see how Jupiter's fate plays out.

Given the expectations of the Wachowski's first foray into original material since The Matrix, it makes sense that they didn't stray too far from a proven formula - what is essentially the same hero's journey storyline that's been satisfying audiences since before Star Wars.

No, Vader - you are not my father! Wait a minute...
No, Vader - you are not my father! Wait a minute...

This all has Mila Kunis carrying quite a bit of weight on her shoulders in what is really her first leading role. Hopefully the Wachowski's have indeed crowned their new Neo - a kickass hero that we'll follow into an immersive new world. Surely the hope is for a new series and sci-fi franchise that will expand on the idea of a Royal Family for the universe. However it plays out, I have a feeling the Matrix fans won't be going home disappointed.


What's your expectations for Jupiter Ascending?


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