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With Star Wars: Battlefront continuing to lack in the release date department, we're seriously hoping that at the very least we'll have a date released for E3 this year. We haven't heard too much from EA, but the one topic that has been most controversial surrounding the game is the lack of anyone mentioning the 3rd person perspective.

EA has confirmed saying that with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront this year and Battlefield 5 in 2016, they'll be able to have one major FPS per year. This is the kind of discouraging corporate statement that gamer's despise. It could potentially be indicative of EA's reluctance to see Battlefront as anything more than another FPS, rather than the Star Wars game that we've all been waiting for.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2
Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Now, perhaps this statement was just poorly worded OR EA and DICE are relying upon the 3rd person perspective to be a big reveal. I can so see that happening as they show off some gameplay at E3. It will all be chaos and running around in FP and then suddenly it will switch to 3rd and the crowd will go crazy.

Therefore, it may just be a rather clever way of having something to show off at a later date. But then again, we did receive a form of confirmation in a call with an executive a few months back in which it was explicitly stated that Star Wars: Battlefront would feature a 3rd person component. Just all this 1st person talk is worrying us.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

I highly doubt that EA and DICE are going to against the history of the franchise and just omit one of the main components that made it so appealing. But one thing that I found to be very intriguing, was that there are actually a whole load of players out there who only played Battlefront in FP?!

I was totally unaware of this phenomenon and have always thought of Battlefront as a 3rd person game. It's the standard way that it was presented to us on our consoles. So what is the way that you interacted with Star Wars: Battlefront? And on what platform did you play it on? Seeing as it's so cheap on Steam I moved onto the PC with it a while back!

While many may complain about the exploits of EA, and I'm more than sure that they will feature a lot of really cool Jedi and Sith characters as part of huge expensive DLC pack, they have done some great work with some amazing franchises in the past. It's just going to happen unfortunately. Hell I'm sure they'd put 3rd person perspective in a DLC pack if they could, but that would just be ridiculous.

So fans, what way did you experience Star Wars: Battlefront? Through the eyes of a droid or looking at him shaking his stuff? And what do you think the hero situation in the game will be like? Could this be it? We've a few months to go before we get our release date, but I'm sure we can manage! Happy gaming!


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