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I'm going to start this article by saying it is purely biased. Everything in it is my opinion and mine only. If you agree then awesome but if not then comment below!

So the 2015 Academy Award Nominations have been released today. To start off with I am so happy that The Grand Budapest Hotel leads the nominations (tied with Birdman) because I was skeptical whether or not it would have been looked over. TGBH was tied as my favourite film of last year and I am glad that it has been nominated. Hopefully it will win Best Picture but that's just my opinion.

Ok, so now we get to the point of this article. The biggest snub of the year by far was GONE GIRL. An absolute incredible film directed by David Fincher and stunningly acted by Affleck, Pike and Harris and accompanied by a terrifying soundtrack by Trent Reznor, this film had every reason to be nominated for more than it was.

So Rosamund Pike was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, which I am thrilled for. Pike gave a chilling and sympathetic performance as Amy Dunne and I really hope she wins. She was my favourite actress of the year and gave one of the best performances of the year, both male and female.

Now onto the snubs.

Actor in a Leading Role - Ben Affleck has divided moviegoers in the past. With dreadful acting roles in DareDevil and Gigi but has an incredible writing and directing history, Argo winning the Best Picture! His role in Gone Girl was nothing short of his best acting role ever. He was funny, charming and mysterious and I know from speaking with others who loved the film, you really were unsure whether or not he was a good guy or bad guy, even by the end of the film.

Actor in a Supporting Role - Neil Patrick Harris hasn't played a role like this before ever (to my knowledge anyway) and he really stood out. He and Rosamund Pike had a great chemistry and the scenes they shared were incredible. For a supporting role he wasn't overshadowed by Affleck or Pike and he really did match their onscreen performances. Also he was involved in possibly the most uncomfortable, nerve-wracking and twisted scenes in the entire film and it is still effective the second time around.

Best Director - David Fincher directed (in my opinion) the best film of the year. It combined mystery, drama, dark comedy and some horror elements and ultimately created the most intriguing mystery thriller in recent years. Shutter Island was the last mystery/thriller that I enjoyed as much as this. Fincher did a great job of adapting the source material and, despite it being a long film, thanks to great acting and a great direction, it does not feel as long as it is. I would have happily sat for an extra half hour or so.

Best Original Musical Score - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross created a chilling soundtrack. It was dark, tense and matched the films uncertain atmosphere perfectly. During a particular scene (i'm sure people who have seen it know the scene!) the music was just terrifying. Considering what else has been nominated for best score (Mr. Turner...really?), this film should have been a no brainer for a nomination, considering also the critical praise it received from critics.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Gillian Flynn, author of the source material, adapted her own novel into the feature script. In a time when a lot of adaptations veer off from their source material, we finally have an author who didn't compromise her own work for the sake of a film and adapted it perfectly. Having read the novel a few years ago, when I heard they were adapting it I was skeptical because the novel jumps back in time often and is told from different perspectives, I was wondering how they would have done it. Flynn tackled a difficult task of adapting it because it was her first screenplay and considering how well it worked and how well it was written, she deserves a nomination for effort alone!

All in all, Gone Girl was the biggest snub of the year for me. It's a brilliant film that's well acted and directed. All the people mentioned above should have been nominated and it most certainly should have been nominated for Best Picture. I was thrilled to see Pike get a nomination but I am gutted it wasn't nominated for more, it could easily win the big five; Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director and Adapted Screenplay.

Honourable Snub Mentions

-The Lego Movie - Best Animated Feature

- Lana Del Rey 'Big Eyes' - Best Original Song

- Christopher Nolan - Best Director

- Jennifer Anniston - Actress in a Leading Role

- Into the Woods - Best Picture (A Musical is the Academy's weak spot so I am a little surprised)

Comment below what you think are the biggest surprises and snubs were this year.


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