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The Last of Us 2, if indeed in the works, is going to be a long way from our grasp in terms of a release date or having 'confirmed for the PS4' written next to it in an IGN article. The most recent form of news that we received for the game came when Naughty Dog stated that all other projects are on hold at the moment as they focus on making the ultimate Uncharted with Uncharted 4.

So with all of this time to ourselves in waiting, there have been plenty of rumours and speculation in terms of where the plot of The Last of Us 2 could take us. It's a seriously difficult game to even conjure up an idea for that seems worthy of what came before it. But I thought I'd give it a go and see what people think should happen in the continuation of the franchise.

The Last of Us art
The Last of Us art

Now, there will naturally be spoilers ahead for the conclusion of The Last of Us, so if you haven't played the game you should just go and do so now. Seriously, it's unbelievable!! Alright then, where to begin...

Rather than carrying on after the conclusion of the game, I feel like the plot needs to go to somewhere else first if it ever touches on what happens to Joel and Ellie again. But I guess that is the big question - should Naughty Dog continue the story of Joel and Ellie's relationship in The Last of Us 2? It's a tough one, because I'm not so sure they should...but then it'd be no fun for me to just speculate on irrelevant occurrences in this universe that have no correlation to any of the characters we've seen before.

So, let's take it up from about two to three years after the conclusion of the last title. We start the game in a new situation in a whole new setting. We play as a member (members??) of a family who've been surviving the outbreak for many years. We're small in numbers, maybe 3 or 4. We've been wandering the world following opaque rumours of a place that has created a vaccine.

We're also aware of an incident that took place some years ago with a young girl who was taken from a Firefly camp just before they could use her to help create a vaccine. The man that took her killed so many people in the process and has since vanished with the child.

The Last of Us 2
The Last of Us 2

The story takes us on many twists and turns as we desperately attempt to make our way to this unknown location that has this cure. On our travels, we uncover something similar to the scene above. The art piece here is supposedly art work for The Last of Us 2. After many hours of playing we come across Ellie, maybe even playing Gustavo Santaollala's theme song on her guitar. Cause you know...meta stuff.

We meet her and Joel and travel with them for sometime, though Joel is very reluctant to agree. We see that Joel and Ellie have a close but toxic relationship with one another. Joel is extremely protective of her and often threatens members of our family. We see that his paranoia has deepened over the years.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

We eventually uncover the secret: Joel is the one that took the little girl from the Fireflies, the one with the ability to cure us all from this hell. The family are unsure of what to do, but plan on helping her get to the Fireflies so that the vaccine can be created. This can go down one of two ways. Option 1 sees us capture Ellie. Option 2 sees her agree to go and leave Joel.

I'm torn between these decisions. Option 1 could lead to Ellie eventually realising that she wants to help everyone. She agrees to go along with the family even after being captured. Joel on the other hand becomes mad as he hunts down the family to save Ellie.

Option 2 sees Ellie say goodbye to Joel as she leaves with the family. Heartbroken he follows the family in the shadows. Stalking them, unsure of whether he should stop her once again or let her go ahead with what seems to be her will. The ending? Well, I don't know if I can come up with one really...

If Ellie goes ahead with the operation she'll die and Joel will more than likely not be able to take the anguish. But then, The Last of Us showed us a world that didn't really have happy endings, in the sense that the whole world is saved from disaster. It explored the darkness in us all and the lengths we will go to to selfishly protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.

But is it too much if Joel yet again attempts to stop Ellie's procedure? It's the same situation as the first game, and the world is so remarkable that it can survive under so many different settings and stories. Though perhaps Joel could accidentally kill Ellie in a scene that mimics the loss of his daughter. This would show us the danger of murderous selfish behaviour. I don't know, what do you guys think?

What would you like to see in The Last of Us 2? Are you afraid that a game of perfection could be ruined if Joel and Ellie feature in the second chapter again? Should they not be in it at all? Let us know in the comments!


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