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One of my favorite movies as a kid was The Mask. I would call Jim Carrey one of the best physical comedians of all time, but I think that may be belittling him and his career. He's also just one of the best comedians, period, of all time and he deserves respect for his complete filmography.

I came across these early promotional materials for The Mask and found out that the mask, itself, nearly looked really crazy. Check these out:

Carrey trying to remove the mask

I don't know about you, but this is incredibly disturbing. At the time, this was probably some pretty solid photoshopping, but still... something about this reminds me of someone hallucinating or having an overdose.

The Mask looking way creepier than the final version

There are four things I need to address in this picture:

  • Jim Carrey's suit is absolutely ABSURD
  • The tongue and neck in the third picture to the left is ABSURD
  • The Joker-style wide smile and crazy amount of teeth in the mask is ABSURD
  • Jim Carrey's hat in the left-top picture is pretty swaggy, but still ABSURD

Come on, man

Tell me why this kind of looks EXACTLY like the Troll Face with his mouth closed:

Going back to the pic that's above, whatever is going through Carrey's head in that picture is definitely NSFW. It looks like he's going to do something really irresponsible VERY soon.

Some early Matrix-style moves from Jim

He's dodging bullets like Neo, but doing it in one of the most ridiculous ways, and keeping the most insane look on his face in the process.

Remember earlier when I said the photoshopping was decent? Well, in this case, I have to say this photoshop is below-average.

I don't even know what's going on here

I actually dare you to try to look at the middle picture for a minute straight without getting nauseous. Also, don't even get me started on the bottom picture.

I'm glad they settled on a much friendlier mask-design.

Relive the magic that was, 'The Mask'

Jim Carrey hosted SNL and did a tremendous job. He's still got it. And this was a classic flick. I'm just happy they made some modifications to that mask!


Would the movie have been better with these designs?



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