ByJustine Johnson, writer at

Obviously not a movie we watched in 3D, and obviously a sequel of sorts to the original 1974 film. It takes place decades after the house was burned down, and follows a girl who is the granddaughter of one of the family members. There’s lots of holes in the timeline (she should be much older by that point but is instead barely in her 20’s, some references to the original film that aren’t quite accurate) and overall the movie is very much a fill-in-the-blank gory movie — small, idyllic town, group of hot 20-somethings with two consistently scantily clad women, a completely unnecessary love (or really, lust) affair, horribly unoriginal dialogue. But we see Leatherface tearin’ shit up again which is always kind of cool, and there were some genuinely scary, heart-pounding moments, as well as some pretty intense gore. The ending, which I won’t ruin for you, had me going “Seriously? I mean… really?” but… wasn’t entirely a waste of 92 minutes if you can just think of it as its own standalone movie.


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