ByJustine Johnson, writer at

To sum this movie up: Strong-willed television journalist is attacked in her home by a creepy, misogynist dude who then becomes determined to finish the job by stalking her (and anyone else who gets in his way) at the hospital.

My first thought after watching it? Boring. There’s some good bits, for sure. William Shatner makes a few smaller appearances as Deborah Ballin’s boss/boyfriend. He doesn’t add much to the movie overall, but come on — it’s Captain Kirk! Lee Grant’s role is played out very well, and I can certainly relate to her strong-willed, feminist character. And above all, Michael Ironside is nothing if not convincingly slimy and creepy. His role is played with very little dialogue and he does it pretty damn well. I felt disturbed and uncomfortable watching him, especially when he got a camera in his hands (ugh).

Other than those bits… I don’t know. It was just TOO slow-paced for me. The characters, for the most part, had the stereotypical absence of logic… most of the time the hospital seemed to switch from well-staffed and buzzing to completely deserted (naturally once someone was being actively chased)… some weak dialogue and confusing (and sometimes seemingly pointless) camera cuts.

It’s not a great sign when I find myself getting restless an hour into a movie.


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