ByJustine Johnson, writer at

I definitely went into this movie with mediocre expectations. Part of the draw was supposed to be “from the producer of Signs!” (meh) and as the opening credits rolled, I saw that it was written by M. Night Shyamalan. I expected an okay movie with some kind of twist ending (I was half right). I was also surprised with the fact that it starred Chris Messina (who I know best from The Mindy Project but also The Giant Mechanical Man), and I am KIND OF in love with him. Just a bit (but mostly as Danny Castellano).

The movie was pretty great. It kept you on the edge of your seat, had some entertaining dialogue, and it definitely did have a couple of twist endings (one was somewhat predictable, in my opinion, but the other was pretty great). There was also quite a few religious references — I suppose you can’t have a movie about the devil without them — which I didn’t mind, but I can see how it would turn some people off. I didn’t think they were distracting at all, and they added to the story. I much preferred it being the devil and not just some random spirit or entity. It also touched on morality and repentance… again, hard not to.

Overall, I enjoyed it.


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