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We're often told many things by the marketing companies behind our favorite movies. But rarely do they just tell us exactly what a movie is about.

Thankfully, us fans get that responsibility, and there's no better time than the Oscars to highlight some of the movies that deserve to be highlighted for what they really are.

Below are some movie posters that dare to tell us the truth, as told by the Best Picture nominees of 2015 and courtesy of The Shiznit. If you like at least one of these movies, than you should walk away from this list feeling pretty offended. Let's begin!

#1 That movie with the guy from Dead Poets Society.

To be fair, this kid is probably printing money right now. Hopefully.

#2 That Batman movie without Batman.

Every single review.

#3 That Clint Eastwood movie without Clint Eastwood.

How did "Guns" and "Lots of Guns" not get nominated for best supporting?

#4 That other movie Edward Norton was in.

Seriously, was there anyone who wasn't in this movie?

#5 That movie with Tywin Lannister.

Benedict Cumberbatch's best acting is in Sherlock, for the record.

#6 That movie with the kid from Les Mis.

Please don't miss the quote at the very top...

#7 That movie with the emotions.

"Surfacing idiots in comments threads."

#8 That movie with the awesome drum solo.

Um, Fletcher had the best sense of humor of 2015.

Honorable Mentions

The rest of the posters on this list didn't make the cut for Best Picture, but we still want to highlight them because of reasons.

And finally...

Source: The Shiznit


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