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There's already something poetically awesome about a nostalgic Disney cosplay. But when the person is as attractive as this woman who dressed as Ariel and the photographer is as legit as this one it makes for one of the most amazing sights you can see on the Internet.

Her DeviantArt name is Cheza-Flower and she's amazing.

And just wait for it...

She's truly gorgeous

Very elegant. Very pretty. This is a great photo.

Stunning and radiant

Just a normal run of the mill AMAZING photo. Nothing to see here.

Want some more beauty? You got it.

We've moved a little bit. Ariel is now chilling in a grassy knoll of some sort.

"Wow" is really all I can say - breathtaking

Part of me is scared because she's near the cliff, but even if I was there I wouldn't be able to tell her because my jaw would have dropped too far by now.

She's frolicking on the beach again

It's good to see she didn't fall off that cliff and is safe. Although, she's running away which kind of bums me out.


Say hello to her little friend

Surprise! It's Sebastian! I like how the focus is on the little guy here. NOT on Ariel and Flounder. She's had enough of the spotlight, by now anyway.

Wow, I hope this girl is single, but if she isn't it's okay. At least whoever she is with is probably very happy.


Would you date this girl?


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