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Happy birthday, Grant Gustin! The actor celebrated his 25th birthday on the set of [The Flash](series:1068303) with the cast, crew, his loved ones, and a very special guest. Party crashers aren't a new concept, given that there's an entire movie about them, but the unique and fun ways that certain individuals choose to steal the thunder of a birthday party's most celebrated guests tend to stand out - especially when it involves superheroes.

Gorilla Grodd crashed The Flash's Birthday

It seems as though Gorilla Grodd's escape led to a gaudy dress store, and straight back to his enemy's special day. In truth, the suit we see here was probably used for the hairy preview shots we saw of the famous DC villain. Grodd's actual appearance, of course, will be pretty different.

Spider-Man saved the day when Green Goblin crashed this birthday party!

Despite the birthday boy's friends completely selling him out to the Green Goblin, this little stunt by the villain didn't fly for long before our web-slinging hero came in to save the day. But seriously, did you see how fast that kid's friends pointed him out? Yeowch! Invite different people to your party next year, little buddy.

A Real Captain America Crashes His Son's Birthday Party

I've seen some extremely creative homecoming videos from Dads who return from the military, but this one has to be my new favorite. Watch as 3-year-old Cole's father crashes the boy's party as Captain America, then reveals his secret identity. Adorable!

Ayden's Avengers Assemble at His Birthday

Not only did little Ayden have a super birthday with Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor - he also defeated Loki! Sort of. Well, at least it was magical for him, and that's all that matters.

50 Kids Crash Robert Downey Jr's Birthday Party

A few years back, Robert Downey Jr. crashed the birthday party of Jamie Foxx's daughter. In 2014, when The Winter Soldier first premiered on the Iron Man star's birthday, he turned the tables and screened the movie for 50 lucky kids in his own home. I'm so jelly you could put me on toast! Wait, uhm, but don't, please.


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