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Daniel Portolan

In one of the most hilarious interviews promoting "The Wedding Ringer" (out tomorrow), the stars of the film including Kevin Hart, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, and Josh Gad go off script in answering questions from fans. The results are hilarious and, despite the so-so reviews of the film, moviefone's interview shows the amazing chemistry this threesome has.

Highlights include (1:31) Hart offering advice on how to propose to one’s girlfriend (win over the girlfriends!!!), and (4:18) Hart explaining the concept of demanding/receiving “nasty days” from his fiancée. However, his attempt to train Gad on requesting this from his wife hilariously fails.

Speaking of Gad, his answer to a fan's question on how "Frozen" snowman Olaf would have toasted him at his wedding (6:16), dashes the hopes and dreams of Disney fans everywhere - much to the chagrin of his two co-stars.

If for some reason, "The Wedding Ringer" does not find an audience, this threesome should look for another project ASAP.

Source: Moviefone


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