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A writer for the hit tv show 'Lost', has finally admitted to what many fans and watchers suspected a long time ago... They had no idea how to end the seasons, and thus would just think of "f*cked up things" to keep the cash rolling in.

During a Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast, Prison Break writer Nick Santora recalled the time his Lost writer friend (who he wouldn't name) came clean about how they were treating the show.

We had an expression in the room which was 'No Polar Bears' - a reference to Lost, I had friends that were writing on Lost, I can’t say who they were. And I was watching football with one of them and I was telling them how much I loved the show…and I’m like, "How are you going to pay all this stuff off?" And he looked at me and goes, "We’re not." And I go, "What do you mean you’re not?" He said, "We literally just think of the weirdest most f*cked up thing and write it and we’re never going to pay it off." And I look at him and I’m like, "That’s such bullshi*t! You are completely f*cking with the audience.

An admission that Santora was plainly, quite disgusted by.

"I want to bring a class-action lawsuit on behalf of everyone who watched Lost all those years. Nina Hartley [a porn star] jerked people off less than Lost did."

So how do you guys feel about this? Did you get the feeling that the writers were churning out crap as the show progressed, or do you not believe Santora, and feel he has fallen for a prank?

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