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So the second trailer for Avengers: age of Ultron dropped a few days ago and i'm sure we've all seen it by now. If not, here it is.

Now this trailer, just like the first, includes shots of that party scene in which the Avengers try to lift Thor's hammer. Since the first release of this scene however, fans have been wondering about the role that Claudia Kim will be playing in the movie. She currently has no acting credit for the movie and is said to be a friend of Tony Stark's.

I think that there is something else is happening though. I don't think she's human at all.

Yeah You, Miss Kim
Yeah You, Miss Kim

So Kim's character is a friend of Tony Stark's and is a scientist that can be trusted. My thoughts are that she helps Tony find and repair the Ultron AI as a tool for him to help the Avengers. But Ultron goes rogue and the world is put in danger, what if that was the plan all along. What if many years ago Jocasta was created as an earlier version of Ultron to test animatronics. However, after the program is cancelled she goes rogue, constantly upgrading her body so that she can infiltrate a team capable of restarting Ultron and reuniting her with him.

In the comics she even had this cool human disguise thing going for her.

In the trailer Ultron says...

I'm going to destroy you.. from the inside

My first thoughts were that he was saying how he's going to kill them, slowly... and painfully. Then i thought about sabotage and who could possibly be working for Ultron in the Avengers team. The first characters that people jump to are Quicksilver and Scarlet Whitch, the Maximoff twins. They are speculated to begin their super-lives working with Ultron, so who says that after they join the Avengers they aren't working as double agents. My thoughts were along the lines of "woah what about that woman at the party". So that's were I begun speculating. If she's working with Ultron who could she be.

In my opinion Jocasta could easily be used as a name, especially in eastern Asian countries such as China, Japan or Korea. I think this is why she hasn't yet been given a character name, it would give it all away.

Of course this is all just speculation, and should not be taken as news. I also realise how this would be a massive departure from Jocasta's origin's in the comics.


What do you think? Jocasta in Avengers: AOU


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