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Arrow features so many street fighters that characters who aren’t ninjas seem like the exception, not the norm. The series, based on DC Comics’s bow and arrow-wielding superhero Green Arrow, is produced by the comic book publisher’s parent company Warner Bros. The show, currently in its third season on the CW, has brought many DC characters to life on television screens and will likely breathe life into many more as years go by.

Since many of the characters are women, it’d be a cinch to produce episodes with live-action versions of the Birds of Prey, DC’s female street fighting team. In comics, the Birds of Prey are martial artists, tech wizards, and weapons experts. Arrow already made one episode to honor the comic last season—titled “Birds of Prey,” naturally—that had the Canary, aka Sara Lance, fighting the Huntress, aka Helena Bertinelli. It was good, but it only featured two birds, and they weren’t teaming up; they were beating the crap out of each other. Since Arrow’s got a bevy of women butt kickers running around, the show could continue the theme as a running tradition by having lethal ladies team up periodically over the seasons.

Here are a bunch of women who could round out the team:

1. Black Canary

Laurel Lance is currently training to be a street fighter to honor her deceased little sister Sara, who ran around kicking and punching people as the Canary until she got shot with like, a million arrows and fell off a roof to her doom. Laurel’s going to try to pick up the slack by becoming the Black Canary. The word “Black” may mean she wants to be darker and more hardcore than her sister was, but homegirl’s got a looooong way to go before she’s half as badass as Sara was.

Laurel’s committed to becoming a ninja, but unfortunately for her, she’s still just a ninja-in-training. She hasn’t been doing this crap for that long, which is why she’s spent most of her vigilante episodes getting beat up or in the hospital. It may be a more realistic portrayal of her journey to becoming a toughie—because, really, how believable would it be for some chick to go from being an ex-lawyer to becoming a female Batman in like, four months—but it certainly doesn’t make her look good.

If Arrow ever gets back on the Birds of Prey train and puts this Black Canary on it, let’s hope she’s got some awesome backup. Otherwise, baby girl is in trouble.

2. Felicity Smoak

Felicity's one of those all-purpose computer whiz's from TV and movies who has all these skills that no single IT pro seems to have in real-life. She has the know-how of like, Bill Gates, a Google engineer, and a North Korean hacker. Whenever a plot needs somebody with computer training, she's the go-to-person who's magically able to do almost anything that's required for the plot. Yet, when the show started, she was just a regular IT girl for Queen Industries. You wonder why she hadn't already been rich or started her own company by then.

But in any case, now here she is—the super nerd who helps Arrow and his vigilante buddies fight crime as their No. 1 computer support person. She's perfect to fill the same role for any Birds of Prey team. (Well, actually, she's the only person on the show who can, so I guess that makes her a shoe-in).

3. Huntress

We last saw Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. the Huntress, being taken off to jail after the first Canary beat her up in the original "Birds of Prey" episode. She told Oliver that she was done with the revenge trip she'd been on, and it seemed like she was ready to go onto a new phase of her life.... which means she's just about ready for a redemption arc where she's turns over a new leaf and becomes one of the good guys.

The Huntress would probably do fine as a team member. She already knows how to fight people—she did it once before as one of Arrow's villains, so she could just do it again if she ever gets out of the slammer. The Huntress also knows how to walk on the bad side and get all sick and manipulative and stuff, which may come in handy on missions that hinge on dicier, more questionable tactics.

4. Thea Queen

And speaking of sick and manipulative... here we have Thea Queen, Oliver's little sister. Thea's currently undergoing all kinds of brainwashing and martial arts training courtesy of her twisted biological father Malcolm Merlyn, one of Arrow's recurring villains. She already knows how to use swords and fisticuffs, and we all know she knows how to fire arrows: she was hypnotized into firing the arrows that killed Canary, but she doesn't remember doing it.

Thea's probably got the physical and weapons expertise to be a team member, or at least she will soon. It's unclear though if she'll turn out to be a superhero or a supervillain. She's sort of allied with one of Oliver's nemeses, and she was always kind of angry and bitter, even before she found out one of her parents was the show's Darth Vader.

5. Katana

In the comics, Katana's real name is Tatsu Yamashiro, but that's her married last name. She grew up in Japan studying martial arts and two brothers, Maseo and Takeo, both had the hots for her. She married Maseo, and Takeo was pissed, so he showed up to their house one day with ancient swords and killed Maseo in battle. Tatsu disarmed Takeo and escaped her burning house with the sword. The sword, called the Soultaker, captures the souls of beings killed with it, which is how Katana communicates with Maseo, even though he's deceased.

Katana's shown up on Arrow in those flashback segments as Oliver's ally when he was in Hong Kong in the past. In the show, Maseo's still alive—at least back then, and both husband and wife are mixed up in all this A.R.G.U.S. international government espionage stuff. She wields a sword and uses kung fu, but we haven't seen her talk to it, so who knows if the writers will incorporate any of the supernatural elements from the comics? It would be totally cool if they did, though.

6. Lyla

You know Lyla right? The A.R.G.U.S. agent who has a kid with Diggle? Yeah, her! She may be a puny, non-costumed lady who barely gets any screen time, but that doesn't mean she can't get in on some Birds of Prey action. You know why? Because she's a secret agent, dammit! That means she has all this fighting and espionage training, so if some Birds stuff goes down, maybe she could be a liaison or something. She's probably tougher than Laurel is, and less whiny, so if Laurel could get in, why couldn't another chick who's more qualified and experienced?

7. Vixen

This one's a stretch, but here it goes. Vixen's a DC superheroine with the power to mimic the abilities of animals. Basically, she can give herself the speed of a cheetah, the healing factor of a reptile, the strength of an elephant or gorilla, etc. She's getting her own cartoon series on CW Seed that takes place in the same universe as Arrow and its sister (or is that brother?) show The Flash, so whatever happens in her cartoon will presumably take place in the same timeline as the stuff that's going on in the live-action CW shows. That means that one day they could cast some lady to play her in one of the live action shows for a team-up or something. And then, there'd be another lady to take part in the ninja shenanigans.

But that's a big "if." Writers may view Vixen differently than the other women because she's got superpowers and may be more suited for Justice League-style team-ups with people like Arrow or the Flash themselves. But then again, that doesn't mean she couldn't get in on some street fighting action. Arrow doesn't have powers, and neither does Batman, and look at them. They're superheroes who also whoop folks on the street. So, in theory, could Vixen.

8. Supergirl

Ok, now this one's REALLY a stretch, but here it goes again. Warner Bros. is making a Supergirl TV show that also takes place in the same TV universe, so there's one more superheroic female who could join up with the other chicks. If you don't know who Supergirl is, she's Superman's cousin and has basically the exact same powers. She's superstrong, superfast, she fires red hot eye beams, and she looks superhot in tight blue spandex!

But therein lies the problem. Supergirl's so powerful that she could completely overshadow women who are using guns, swords, and karate chops. If anyone on this list is more suited for Justice League-style action, it's her. Writers may be saving her to fight alongside Arrow and the Flash in more traditional, superpowered-style team-ups instead of running around in a van with some chicks who throw ninja stars at people through open windows.

An All-Star Line-Up, No Matter How You Slice It

If Warner Bros. ever revisits the Birds of Prey theme in future Arrow episodes, you can bet most of these women will be in it in some capacity. The writers won't have to use all of them, but they'll definitely make their selections from a list just like this.

But now that you've read this far, you're probably think of all the other types of team-ups that could happen. We've got this many ladies coming to the DC TV universe, and there are also a bunch of dudes that are running around as well. There's enough material here for all kinds of match ups that go beyond gender. We're getting our regular Arrow-Flash crossovers, but those could just be the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.


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