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So I have always loved horror movies from the 80s and when they make three movies based off one character well it sure better be good to continue his story.

First off you might wonder how did I come across this movie well the answer is simple in fact most of you know who he is if you don't well your know now.

A while back when I was searching the Web I find this site called Cinemassacre it is a site where lots of cool things happen such as video game reviews, movie reviews and such more.

Most people know him as he AVGN or Angry Video Game Nerd well that is just the character he plays his real name is James Rolfe thats right he is the nerd him self.

Well he made a video a while ago called Top 15 movies Where People Burn To Death you can watch it here.

Anyway back to the movie it self well what can I say about this movie I really like it.

The plot is good a guy named Matt Cordell goes around killing anyone and his way so watch out or your be next.

The deaths in the movie are also good for the time it is still really realistic.

The way the movie ends is a cliff hanger because your know there has to be another movie well sure enough there are two more to talk about.

overall this movie is good I love it and its worth buying on Blu-Ray.

Expect a review of part 2 soon as I have already watched it last night I will review part 3 also some time soon.


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