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Now as we all know DC Comics announced there line up from now till 2020. But what if i told you, some of them you can already buy legally...

Let start with a quick reminder of what DC currently has planned.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - 2016
Suicide Squad - 2016
Wonder Woman - 2017
Justice League - 2017
Flash - 2018
Aquaman - 2018
Shazam - 2019
Justice League 2 - 2019
Cyborg - 2020
Green lantern - 2020
In between now and 2020 there is also supposed to be yet another superman movie and a new batman franchise.

So okay now you're asking But how might i of seen it? Or Where can i see them now?
Well, For the most part alot of these will be mixed storylines like most superhero movies but if you want to get a flavour of what the basic outline of six of these movies will be like.

Let me start with the most obvious one.

Batman / Superman
This has been documented its loosely based on Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns so you could easily watch dark knight returns the two part animated movies. Whitch you can buy HERE

Next along is Suicide Squad, The cinematic Squad is due to be -
Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Enchatress, and Rick Flag. This is also supposed to involve The Joker and Amanda Waller.

Why do i bring this up?
Last year there was an animated movie released titled "Batman: Assualt on Arkham" This was basicly a Suicide Squad movie featuring batman. It also features the joker heavily involvement in the story arc.
Even the line up is fairly similar with three of the six members being the same. Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang.
King shark, Black Spider and Killer frost being replaced by Flag and Enchantress.
Granted i don't think the movie will have batman in it like the animated movie does but honestly it doesn't need it to have batman in it.
Available to buy here

Wonder Woman

There was a 2009 animated solo movie that could very well have a similer plot line than the movie would. Buy Here

Batman Reboot

We know for a fact Batman will be a older more seasoned Batman. Perhaps been through a few robins? Perhaps has a kid? Oh yeah like in the animated movie Son of Batman.

Justice League

Given the stong emphases on the New 52 style costumes in both Man of Steel and what little we have seen on the Ben Affleck Batsuit its safe to assume that Justice League movie would be based on the New 52 story arc about the formation of the Justice League to battle a common enemy. Yes you may have guessed already. Animated movie based on this exact story.
Also do the people in the justice league look familer? Like the exact same line up listed for the films.
Justice League: War Avalible here

No, Because there is no Aquaman in that Justice League line up...


Being as Throne of Atlantis Isn't due out for a couple more weeks i wont spoil anything for you. But lets just say if you watch the movie and take out the rest of the justice league it lays the groundwork perfectly for a live action Aquaman movie.


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