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Leave it to the Australians to throw a bold, bloody wrench into the horror mix just when you thought the zombie apocalypse craze had to either come to an end or actually occur.

IFC Midnight's Wyrmwood follows an everyman named Barry who's determined to retrieve his kidnapped sister and save her from her soldier captors as well as a growing zombie horde. Barry amasses a ragtag bunch to help him, including Benny, an Aborginal jokester who also managed to survive. However, it turns out that Brooke is not exactly your everyday damsel in distress. Check out the trailer for one of the most exciting, bloody, and high-intensity movies to come around in a long time:

Here's how the trailer imagines what happens when the flesh-eating infected arrive in Oz.

"All we know is there's something in the air that's changing people"

Yeah, when blood and smoke are simultaneously escaping your mouth, it may be time to get that checked out.

Brooke has been kidnapped

And it's up to her brother to save her from official-looking soldiers and a maniacal scientist.

Armed to the teeth with whatever was laying around

Barry and his cohorts are ready for battle, but where are they going to find fuel?

Zombies: the newest renewable resource

The crew burns the zombies for fuel. I repeat, they BURN their enemies for FUEL. How awesome is this, and how have I never thought of this before? These guys are Macgyvering the sh*t out of dead bodies. I guess that's what they teach you in Australia.

Turns out Brooke's been hiding a secret power

She can control zombies WITH HER MIND. Forget flamethrowers, grenades, and bazookas, this is the best possible power to have during a zombie apocalypse. Not only can she disable them, she can make the zombies do her bidding. Needless to say, I really want to see how this goes down.

Will mind control abilities and zombie fuel be enough?

Most of all, I want to see these guys contend with undead Australian animals. Zombie snakes. Zombie spiders. ZOMBIE CASSOWARIES. Do not let me down, Wyrmwood.

It's always refreshing to see some new voices getting into the horror game, so I can't wait to see what director Kiah Roache-Turner has in store for us. Seriously, though, if there isn't one zombie kangaroo in the whole movie I'm going to be seriously disappointed. But, worst case scenario, there's always time for a sequel.

Did you think Wyrmwood will be another terrifying entry into the zombie apocalypse classics?


Are you still eating up the zombie craze?


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