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In my opinion the most underrated film of 2014 was [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902). I thought that Tom Cruise was pretty nearly done doing action films and he would have to transition out of that leading man category of actors.

Boy was I wrong. His director, Doug Liman also executed strong action sequences and the two bonded on set. So much so, in fact, that they'll be teaming up again with plans for [Mena](movie:1236614).

Cruise and Liman on the set of 'Edge of Tomorrow'
Cruise and Liman on the set of 'Edge of Tomorrow'

According to Empire Online:

The title refers to Mena, Arkansas, the site of much of the action in the extraordinary life of Barry Seal, the focus of the film. Seal was a pilot for TWA in the 1970s who lost his job when he was caught flying plastic explosives from Miami to Mexico for an anti-Castro group. He subsequently went solo as an aviation consultant, and began a lucrative second career smuggling cannabis and cocaine between South and North America, eventually getting entangled with the notorious Colombian Medellin Cartel.

It's an awesome idea. Ron Howard was considering doing it before Cruise and Liman took over the reins.

While he isn't THAT guy anymore, Tom still looks young enough and handsome enough to keep his extremely robust career going.


Everyone loves good old fashioned drug-centric entertainment (see: Scarface, Breaking Bad, Weeds, That '70s Show, The Wire, Blow, etc).

I hope it's good! If anybody can do it, and do it well, it's this duo.


How much longer will Tom Cruise be able to carry a movie?

Via: Empire Online


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