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This week several movie sites released news on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The latest rumor on the web head suggests that Spider-Man could very well be heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he joins the fight in Avengers: Infinity War. Several people have already made their proclamations about Spider-Man joining the MCU; and most suggest that the wall crawler signing with Marvel Studios is best move for the character. As much as I want to believe this Spider-Man news, my skepticism cannot help but be high on the matter. This concern does not deal with the idea of Spider-Man joining Marvel Studios but rather the news reports themselves. The fact of the matter is that these rumors keep coming out and it just keeps going back and forth. One moment there is rumor that Spider-Man joins the MCU, then it is followed speculation that The Amazing Spider-Man series will continue;and it just keeps on and on. It is enough to make any moviegoer's head to spin. Right now, I will not believe any report on Spider-Man unless something made official by either Marvel Studio or Sony Pictures.

Now for the sake of speculation: let just say that Spider-Man does head over to the cool kids' table. Would Spidey joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe be the best move for the character? While it would look great to see Spider-Man to stand along side the likes of Captain America and Iron Man, would his involvement with the MCU necessary at this time? With what we know about Spider-Man and Marvel Studios, let us look at the recent ideas come to light and see if it would really benefit the iconic superhero.

Spider-Man Joining after Infinity War

The latest rumor suggest that Spider-Man will be joining the MCU during the major blockbuster: Avengers: Infinity War. If this rumor does end op being true, then it is a move that woiuld makes sense. With Marvel already clear on their upcoming Phase 3, it would make sense for the studio to introduce Spider-Man at the end of their third lineup. It would be a way for Marvel to get Spider-Man situated in their cinematic universe, and help the character get underway for the movies that the studio has in mind for the Web-Head. Introducing Spider-Man during Infinity War would not just be great for Marvel Studios, but for Sony as well. Last I checked, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is scheduled for 2018 release. If Spider-Man does appear in Infinty War, and Marvel wants to star fresh with the character, this could give Sony and Marc Webb an opportunity to wrap up their chapter of the superhero film franchise. It is hard to say if this will happen or not, but if Marvel Studios wants to bring Spider-Man into their fold, the perfect timing for it would be during Infinity War.

What can Spider-Man bring to the MCU?

So if Spider-Man were to be apart of Marvel Studios, a question we need to ask ourselves is what could the wall crawler bring to the cinematic universe? Obviously the character would bring star power to the MCU, but being a part of this shared series of films means something more. Granted the studio is breaking off their universe with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, but there is always this feeling that all of these films are connected. How would Spider-Man connect with the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Would he just be a member of the Avengers? As great as it would be see the Wall Crawler among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, I feel that the Avengers need Spider-Man more then Spider-Man needs the Avengers. Spider-Man is an official Avengers in the comics, but it took almost 40 years for him to join the team. Before he joined the Avengers, Spider-Man has had several stories featuring himself and characters that usually revolved around Spidey's comics (though Spider-Man has had several team up in the past). Even when Spider-Man join the Avengers in the comics, he still had his own stories to deal with. I would not mind seeing Spider-Man with the Avengers in the movies, but I feel that the character can easily stick to his own set of films. Yet back to the matter of what Spider-Man brings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Spider-Man can brings to the cinematic universe is a kind of hero that not really been seen in Marvel Studio's past films, and that would be the street hero. We the superheroes of Marvel Studios take on aliens and global threats, but we have not had character who symbolizes the heroes who deal with crooks and city disasters. That's where Spider-Man comes in. If Marvel wants to capture the idea of a street hero, they will find no better example of this then the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Plus, Spider-Man's films could bring other street heroes to the silver screen like say...Daredevil!

Marvel Studios Presents "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Seeing Spider-Man with the Avengers would be great as it would to see the character in universe full of heroes. Yet, if Marvel Studios were to create their very own Spider-Man films, I cannot help but think that the movies would be similar to Sony's Amazing Spider-Man series. Sure the movie would have a different story, but I feel that the atmosphere would be similar as The Amazing Spider-Man's tone is a lot like the films of Marvel Studios. The only difference is that the Spider-Man films would be allowed to use terms like "SHIELD" and "The Avengers". If Marvel Studios' Spider-Man were to feature a tone like The Amazing Series, you will hear no complaints from me. I like the Amazing Series and find that the films' tone to be one that fits the world of Spider-Man. Marvel capturing concepts similar to The Amazing Spider-Man would not be a bad thing, but I feel that it would make things redundant. With the tones of the MCU and TASM being so similar, the studio may as well as just keep the continuity of The Amazing Spider-Man going and keep the likes of Marc Webb, as well as Andrew Garfield. Sure some continuity would be tricky to explain, but the Amazing series could fit in with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and I would have no problem if Marvel decided to take this gambit.

People may not realize it but this whole Spider-Man situation is complicated to say the least. It is not a simple matter of Spider-Man to jump ship and join Marvel Studios as there are number of factors to consider. This character procedes to bounce around in rumors; making his cinematic future a mystery. Personally I would like Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I would like the studio to continue the Amazing series and keep everyone apart of those films; but that is just me. Whether Spider-Man does team up with the Avengers or keep to his solo films, I can only hope that the studios and filmmakers make a decision that benefits the iconic hero rather then getting Spider-Man tangled in a web of politics.


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