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Hi, i have a gigantic mind blown theory about Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver Origin in the MCU, Well first of all In Captain América The Winter Soldier about in the last 30 minutes when Black widow takes the mask off and let Nick Fury get in the S.H.I.E.L.D building, The other guy says something about a family custody to Black Widow and i started thinking that now that Fox has the Rights of The Xmen Magneto can't be their father in the MCU, Marvel is gonna have to créate a new origin to Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver, What if The twins were actually Black Widow Kids? In the tráiler we can see that Black Widow is inside of Baron Von Strucker lab where we saw for the first time The siblings in the Post credit Scene In Captain América 2,

Also in the second avengers tráiler we can see that theres a women who puts Black Widow In A Bed, Most people think is that this scene might be a flashback of Black Widow past, But what if this is really Black Widow getting undercover to get easier to the lab and get answers of what they done to her kids Scartlet Witch and Quicksilver, It could be because that her style just like she did with Loki on first avengers film, Barón von Strucker could have erased their memora so he can control on trem just like with the Winter Soldier,

Also you might say that Black Widow looks too young to be a mother of this two adult, But lets not Forget that in the cómics Black Widow Is also a súper soldier just like Steve Rogers AKA Captain América with means that Black Widow could be older than how it looks because the super Soldier serum males her age slower than normal Humans, So she can be the sexiest Grandma ever! Lol JK

What do you guys think of my theory? (It just a theory it does not means it's true)


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