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The Movie trailers have been an important part of the cinematic universe for a long time, almost as long as the films have been with us.

Nowadays I meet more people who prefer just watch the movie and have a good or bad surprise at the end. I always loved movie trailers but I see myself becoming someone who actually prefer watch a movie first and then the trailer just to see how much of the plot the trailer revealed


I found some great examples of how trailers could be a great art expression by themselves:

Just imagine to Guillermo del Toro walking through a jäger explaining how big and powerful is and at the end an invitation to see it in action.

Of course I don't want and I shouldn't generalize but almost any new trailer explain the whole story, even many times when you are watching the movie you know what will happen next, which many times, sadly destroy the whole illusion.

If you want to know a little bit pf the history of movie trailer (why not?) i leave this link:

What do you think???


Do you like to watch movie trailers??

But we can have fun with that also:


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