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Ok... Most of tonight I've found nothing but lists of Avengers "Fan Theories" here is my personal list!!!

1. Spider-Man will be a Part of the Cast!

Or should I say part of the recast? According to Latino Review, he sadly won't appear in Captain America: Civil War! Even worse he'll be recast and not played by Andrew Garfield ! I mean what about all of us TASM fans *cricket chirps* anyone, seriously anyone!

2. Captain America : The Dead Avenger?!

Yeah, hipster Steve, you are DEAD!
Yeah, hipster Steve, you are DEAD!

So, my theory goes that by the end of Captain America : Civil War, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will sadly die. But the good news is that Bucky (Sebastian Stan) would take his place as the new Captain America ! Funny, because the same exact thing happened IN THE COMICS!!!

3. The Collector works for Thanos!

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So my theory goes that the Collector ( Benecio Del Toro) is giving all of his Infinity Stones to Thanos, because one, why would a collector want immense power, and two how do you explain that Thanos already has a couple of the Infinity Stones, well I don't know MAYBE THE COLLECTOR IS GIVING THEM TO HIM!!! This involves the Avengers because the whole plot of Avengers 3 revolves around the Infinity Stones!

4.The Guardians of the Galaxy/ Avengers teamup?

Pairing=Guardvengers: Galaxy's Mightiest Heroes!
Pairing=Guardvengers: Galaxy's Mightiest Heroes!

Yes, this one is incredibly obvious because The Infinity War would have to result in Star-Lord and company coming to Earth and helping defeat Thanos. I think this could also involve some serious feels when Star-Lord comes home and discovers "everything has changed"!

5. Loki attacks Earth?!

Yes, you ,you charming devil!!!
Yes, you ,you charming devil!!!

After the events of Age of Ultron, Loki will actually have a legitimate reason to rally a combined army of Frost Giants and Agardians and use them to attack Midgard! But of course that's just something he would do! Oh wait there's about one little hole in this theory!

I think personally I'm like Volstagg!
I think personally I'm like Volstagg!

Yep these guys and Heimdall will probably oppose him, oh wait HE COULD PROBABLY MIND CONTROL THEM!!!


So what was your favorite theory?


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