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…. DC Comic book fans, mainly the fanboys or girls... I don't hate…. you know them the entitled self righteous ones. Those awful creatures that believe that you are wrong (AND HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS) if you don't see things their one very narrow minded way. (CAUSE THEY WANT IT THEIR WAY LIKE TODDLERS.) You know its Different strokes for different folks, but I guess that rule doesn't apply to everyone… To each their own I say but sometime tea needs to be sipped.

Hmmm where do I begin… Let’s take the most recent fanboy temper tantrum from Superman/Wonder Woman #15…. OMG TOMASI IS WRITING HER LIKE A HEARTLESS MONSTER! SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HUMANITY, but if she stop Magog now and finishes him off quickly more lives would be saved…. BLOODTHIRSTY WARMONGER.... You get blasted in the face see how friends you are! WAR WOMAN…. Well she is the god of war so….. I’m just gonna leave that one there…. lol….it's her job... a duh! Hmm again no real complaints while Azzarello did the exact same thing… You know Wonder Woman putting boots to asses and saving people at the same time…. Who know a woman could multitask like that? ROFL!

Excuse me for a sec while i go get my church lady finger out…. I'll be right back… Hmm uploading common sense….. Processing critical thinking skill… Installing keeping it real files…. OK GO!

Now Wonder Woman is a warrior trained in the ancient of putting boots to asses by War himself. In order to be successful on the battlefield you need to master the art of strategy…. Ok boys and girls say it with me now STRATEGY…

So let bust of the old tactical cam on this fight right here….

We have Magog causing chaos on a bridge…. shit son is he about to toss two cars over the edge?

Ok change of plans I could rush in and help Superman with the civilians at the cost of Magog getting away and/or causing more damage elsewhere to far more people.

But wait Superman is still slightly wounded and I forgot to pack his sunshine medpack. Great Magog is giving off an aura of some major bad bombing magic… one of Big Blue weakness, no wonder he got tossed around like a ragdoll…. all things magic= a not so Superman. Ok so that takes Superman out as a viable player in this battle with Magog. Let me switch him to protector mode and have him help the trapped civilians on the bridge. While I handle this baddie.

Divide and conquer. More people will be saved and Magog will handled faster than if they both focused on trying to save lives. Magog would have attacked more people and or gone somewhere else placing a greater number of lives at risk... Ok restart the Battle….. NOW!

Now was that hard. Critical thinking its so hard you guys….Now what plan makes more sense. Working together as a team, having trust and faith in your Superman to not listen to you when you tell him to stay put. Believing that he would be right beside you helping you fight to save lives. Knowing while you whip this guys ass as a bad mama jama warrior woman does while big papa will goes into protector mode keeping the innocent safe. Or would you rather waste time letting the bad guy get away only to reek more havoc in a larger place containing far more people than this bridge with his unstable powers...

" I’ve seen complaints and honestly the point Tomasi made was totally missed. In order to stop people from getting hurt, Diana’s way is to slow down or fully take down the villain. Which is much more logical than both Diana and Clark trying to get all those people, leaving Magog free to still continue to cause chaos. Diana is the better fighter and has better strategies (that’s her job) And Clark can help the people not only because that’s all he could do given the circumstances but that’s his job. That was the balance.” A wise woman said. Hmm has more sense than most of you “adults”….

Oh my…. Where is my tea… This Issue is about the deeper meaning of things. You don't even have to look that hard to see what Tomasi is doing. Trust and faith now that is the backbone of a real relationship.

Keep calm One Day the Haters and Naysayers Will Join Us SMWW fans and See Comic Book are for All to Enjoy!


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